Ever Evers…new works in progress 2021

-‘You’ll Not forget me ever ever EVER…’ is a line from the poem ‘Dialogue on a Headland’ by Robert Graves. Inspired by his words and in line with my habit of practising ‘inverse ekphrasis’ I am currently using GRaves imagery in a body of digital drawings about love, obsession, beauty and shell collecting. All the drawings are based on the private shell collection -The Bellview Shell Collection- the largest private shell collection in Australia which is locate down the road from me in Witchcliffe, WA.

A detail from a work titled ‘tame thyself whatevers’ 2021. Printed on archival 300gsm ilford rag, this is my proof print for the final image.

Works are currently being created and planned for exhibition at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery March 2021. And in the meantime I’ll be in Margaret River Regional Open Studios for 2021, September 11-25th.

Hot off the printing press … i shall sweep you under my headlands amidst a bay of sweets…

Published by Jenny Potts Barr

artist and cartoonist seeking lines and stories through visual narrative

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