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Jenny lives and works in a small coastal hamlet in the remote South West of Western Australia

She graduated from the National Art School in Sydney in 2000, majoring in painting. She has lived on the West Coast since 2001. Her first solo show was held in 2015 and her latest show ‘This hopeful shack’, a digital drawing exhibition, was held in March-May 2020. Her first selected group showing was this year for the South West Times 2020 at Bunbury Regional Gallery.

Gallery viewers,Opening Night at the South West Times 2020 show. ‘This hopeful shack’ by Jenny Barr .Photo courtesy of Bunbury Regional Art Gallery
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Digital Drawing

Jenny works with digital drawing technologies such as Adobe Draw, Stop Motion and Illustrator. In the real world she has a dislike for the feel of charcoal and marshmallows preferring gouache and ink brush and paper – materials with flow. She makes a grey mess with oils but did spend 3 years studying painting. Every so often she tries to paint…

Art practice

Jenny’s practice uses drawing as a vehicle for play with color, composition and abstracted lines. Her main focus is the visual narrative she creates. Her subject matter explores our internal collection of memories, place and emotions- chasing what Gaston Bachelard called ‘intimate immensities‘. The finished compositions often include poetry and manipulations of scale and are printed onto unframed paper or projected onto walls.


Much of Jenny’s work plays with language and lines of poetry. Some she has written some she has not. She is an avid reader of works where language and image come together.

A few artistic influences are Raymond Pettibon, Philip Guston, Louise Bourgeois, Amy Sillman, Tracey Emin, Colin McCahon, William Kentridge, Aida Tomescue, Paula Rego, Bill Waterson, Sidney Nolan’s Kelly Series and Joy Hester.

current project 2020-22

A series of vector drawings inspired by the poem ‘Dialogue on a headland’ by Robert Graves exploring the drama of love, and continuing to build on her experiments in digital drawing from her last exhibition.


This Hopeful Shack

3 March- 29th May 2020

25 large scale digitally drawn works on paper on show over two floors of the new Margaret River HEART Gallery. Shown in conjunction with Arts Margaret River and opened by Fiona Sinclair -Board member Regional Arts WA and Coordinator of Understory, Northcliffe WA. ‘Who Comes Calling?’ by poet Miriam Wei Wei Lo was commissioned for the exhibition. https://artsmargaretriver.com/gallery-exhibition-jenny-barr/

Happy Place


An exhibition and installation of small cartoon works and paintings on board at the Margaret River Artisan Store. Jenny has screen printed and sold clothing with her cartoon images through the Artisan Store since 2017. Every artist needs a side gig….

South West Times 2020

Feb – April 2020

5 of Jenny’s works from ‘This hopeful shack’ joined a selected group showing of South West Regional artists at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, curated by Lee Kinsella Curator of the Cruthers Collection, University of Western Australia. This was her first curated selected show in Western Australia.

27 Days


The artist’s first solo exhibition held at the community gallery space The Cocoon, Margaret River Library. Works were oils on board and gouache on paper. Opened by the poet Miriam Wei Wei Lo.

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Www.localartpaper.com/Jenny Barr


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