Margaret River Regional Open Studios 2021 or MRROS for short…

I manage an MRROS every second year roughly, this will be the third time around for me as a participating artist. So this year I will have works in progress on show for MRROS in the lead up to my next solo exhibition in 2022. The show is called Ever Evers with a longer title to come later. My studio will be open for visitors as part of the MRROS adventure.

Bring your Ipad along if you are interested in a quick introduction to digital drawing platforms such as Fresco, Procreate, Adobe Draw- soon to be discontinued- and Illustrator. As well as support Apps such as Lightroom and Capture. These tools are great for all ages.

snapshot of nearest finished work as a tester for open studios and as you see in the images below this orange lino has been a key feature of my past work


A snap shot of my orange lino inspired drawings from the South West Times 2020 show at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery. The drawings were a part of 24 images in total that explored the idea of human interconnectedness between domesticity and the wild.

Published by Jenny Potts Barr

artist and cartoonist seeking lines and stories through visual narrative

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